Dirty Little Secrets, The Lazy Negro Strategy, The Practice of Slavery At Walmart/Sam's Club

I Heart Compassion For Workplace Bullies

I’m going out of my way to help workplace bullies. Just like us, the workplace bullies I’d crossed paths with, know that Karma is a bitch! Oh, and by the way, they call me Ms. Karma. 😉 Those same bullies will think twice about bullying another black woman. Just sayin’! You can thank me by purchasing my book titled, ‘Dirty Little Secrets’ by Alexandra King. ‘Createspace.com.’

Publicly exposing workplace bullies is child’s play for me. Trust me this ain’t my first rodeo. Truth be told, I’m an expert at publicly exposing workplace bullies. However, writing, editing, and marketing your own books, make exposing workplace bullies look like an episode of Sesame Street. In other words, I’m having fun.

Just call Mandigo Mr. Karma. He’s a bully and he’s bullying the bullies at Sam’s Club where I’m currently working. He was also a gossip monger just like Lucy.  but there’s only room for one gossip monger at Sam’s Club. Mandigo was ruthless. Not only did he walk around the store spreading vicious gossip, he had no qualms backstabbing Lucy. I for one couldn’t be happier. It was/is a win, win for me.


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