Dirty Little Secrets, The Lazy Negro Strategy, The Practice of Slavery At Walmart/Sam's Club

Fifty Shades Of Deceit At Walmart/Sam’s Club

Prior to the current ‘Center Section’ employee scheduled at the Walmart/Sam’s Club where I’m currently working, the ‘Closing Shift’ ended no later than 9:30pm. Keep in mind that the store closes at 8:30pm. Now the ‘Closing Shift’ ends at 10:00pm. The supervisors and/or managers already knew that the ‘Closing Shift’ was a pain in the ass and one of the main reasons employees in the ‘Center Section’ abruptly quit. Instead of making it less painful, they’d increased the toxicity by scheduling employees to work until 10:00pm. Young, energetic, and partying adults ain’t gonna put up with that bullshit, so guess what that means, this new bunch of employees will either quit and transfer out of ‘Center Section.’ It’s like they’re [Supervisors and/or Managers] creating the most unfavorable work environments on purpose.

In the upcoming weeks, I’ll really get a feel of how much damage this new fucked-up strategy will leave in its wake. Seriously folks, the behavior of the supervisors and/or managers at Walmart/Sam’s Club where I’m currently working is the epitome of ineptitude. Guess what? KARMA is a bitch because Mandigo is the King of Deceit and he’s bullying the bullies at Walmart/Sam’s Club. Does it get any better than this?

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