Dirty Little Secrets, The Lazy Negro Strategy, The Practice of Slavery At Walmart/Sam's Club

Well, If It’s Deceit They Want

Welcome to my playpen. No kidding. 😉 What’s more deceitful than Mandigo spreading Lucy’s gossip to anyone willingly Not only am I listening, I’m takin’ notes. For example, Mandigo was almost giddy telling me how Lucy literally ran out of the store last night. OK, now my black ass jumped to the wrong conclusion. I thought Lucy had a mental breakdown for several reasons. To my horror, it seems Lucy’s spouse was in a car accident. Now I wouldn’t wish that on myself, so I know I can’t wish that on tragic on anyone. Like I’d mentioned, Mandigo was almost giddy and at this point, he laughed and said, “His second, wink, wink, car accident.” 

I took that to mean, Lucy already used that excuse to go home early. Do you see my dilemma? I don’t know what to believe. The latter is way more sinister. It fits the profile of a scheming bitch, especially in the workplace. Well, at this point I want to give Lucy the benefit of the doubt, but knowing Mandigo is a bully and he’s bullying the bullies at Walmart/Sam’s Club, I’m enjoying this KARMA.

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