Dirty Little Secrets, The Practice of Slavery At Walmart/Sam's Club

The Patients Are Running The Asylum

It’s back! Locking up the handheld equipment, i.e., radios and scanners. After the Store Manager got his panties all in a bunch over the handheld equipment he’d implemented the same reprehensible, idiotic, toxic, and bonafide fucked up strategy. He locked up the equipment employees need to do their jobs. He’s making it more challenging to do an already challenging and demanding job. And for what reason? Because revenge is best served cold for this bitch.

In the short nine months that I’d been employed, this is the second time this reprehensible bullshit had been implemented. It failed miserably then and it’s failing miserably today. This lock up the equipment strategy is the epitome of ‘Insanity.’ It’s based on revenge. The Store Manager is doing the same thing over and over again i.e., revenge and expecting a different result. What kind of leadership is that promoting?

Word on the street, I’m the female PIMP extraordinaire, was the first to arrive up in that mutha fucker and the first to serve ‘Justice’ on a silver platter. The Store Manager is a wannabe thug. He sold his dignity to a company that is aligned with, ‘The Practice of Slavery.’ That ain’t no PIMP, that’s a Bitch.



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