Dirty Little Secrets, The Practice of Slavery At Walmart/Sam's Club, The Prey Is Now The Hunter

Just Say ‘No’ To Slavery

For the low, low wage of $11.50 per hour the supervisors and/or managers at Walmart/Scam’s Club expected me to complete the tasks of four full-time employees. I say ‘No’ to that and trust me they came after me like I’d stole money from them. They began documenting reprehensible lies about me. But little did those Bullies know, two can play that game. The game of documenting.

The pen is mightier than the sword. You’ll have to read my new book to get all the details. I’m still writing and editing, but while you’re waiting, buy my first book titled, ‘Dirty Little Secrets.’ Cause this ain’t my first rodeo dealing with Bullies in the workplace.

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Dirty Little Secrets, The Prey Is Now The Hunter

Omarosa And I Are Kindred Spirits

At betraying others at work. Just think, I wasn’t a fan of Omarosa, but lately, I’ve come to believe that Omarosa has an Oprah Winfrey inside.  Why do you think I’d titled this year-old blog site, ‘Don’t Take No Shit Document?’ Because just like Omarosa no one would’ve believed me. Trust me I’d seen my share of misogynistic, bullying, superiority, and taunting behavior in the workplace. Like Omarosa, I too have documentation to back me up.

Like Omarosa, I too wrote a book titled, ‘Dirty Little Secrets’ by Alexandra King. In Omarosa case, Trump found out he’d messed with the wrong Black Bitch, in my case, a couple of Trumps found out they’d messed with the wrong Black Bitch.

Unlike Omarosa, I’m not as masterful as she is at betraying others at work, but now she’s my favorite teacher.

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Dirty Little Secrets, The Practice of Slavery At Walmart/Sam's Club, The Prey Is Now The Hunter

The Bullies At Sam’s Club Messed With The Wrong Bitch

Homey don’t play that! As I’d mentioned before, my intentions were to work until I reached the age of 62, then retire on Social Security. Yeah, I know, boring. But a funny thing happened on the way to retiring.

Don’t get it twisted, bullying employees in the workplace is apparently the new normal. Especially in retail. I’d also worked at Macy’s.

Another work environment stacked with bullies was in the Denver Public School’s Facilities department where I’d worked as a custodian for one year. Not only bullies, but slackers and misogyny on steroids. Don’t believe me, then read my book titled, “Dirty Little Secrets’ by Alexandra King. cropped-dirtylittlesecret.jpgPurchase your copy from ‘createspace.com’ or from Amazon books.

I’ll be posting the photos in my book because they are misleading as far as clarity.

Warning Graphic Pictures:

The photo on pg 47. The floor inside one of the restrooms on corridor ‘A’.
The photo on pg 48. One of the menstrual waste containers in one of the girl’s restrooms located on corridor ‘A’
Dirty Little Secrets, Happy Abundance Day, The Prey Is Now The Hunter

$20 Federal Minimum Wage Law

Employers are wired to distract their employees from the awful truth that they’re [employees] working for slave wages. The sharpest tools in these employer’s arsenals are bullying, intimidation and coercion. But never fear, Bullyingbusters lives here.

Who ya gonna call? (Bullybuster) 
If you’ve had a dose of a freaky bullying boss
You better call, Bullybuster.

OK, I had my fun this morning, back to work.

Purchase my book ‘Dirty Little Secrets’ by Alexandra King. All about a shithole Facilities Department inside a Public School District. After one year of working as a custodian three words best describe what I saw and heard, ‘Misogyny On Steroids.’

The fish really does rot from the head down.

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Dirty Little Secrets, Happy Abundance Day, Inept Shitholes, The Practice of Slavery At Walmart/Sam's Club, The Prey Is Now The Hunter

Slaves ‘R’ Us

At the low, low wage of $11.50, the Supervisors and/or Manager at Sam’s Club where I currently work want me to believe and I kid you not, that I should take on the responsibilities of four (4) full-time employees. Oh, but it gets betta because I’m a part-time employee with little or no benefits. Like I’d mentioned before, “You do the math, I can’t because I’d laughed so hard my sides ache.” Trust me, harassment, intimidation, and coercion are not beneath these bullies masquerading as Supervisors and/or Managers. Sorta like working on a Plantation where overseers make sure the slaves are working. Hello, I’m being facetious, forgive me.

Ima quiet my critics right now, so pay attention. I’m marketing my book, “Dirty Little Secrets’ by Alexandra King. You’re right, I’m just as treacherous as you are. I know my peeps.

Read more about my peeps in my book, ‘Dirty Little Secrets’ by Alexandra King. Purchase as many copies as you can for all your friends from ‘Createspace.com’ or from Amazon books.com. The original book cover is only on copies sold from ‘Createspace.com.’ It’s a long story…