Dirty Little Secrets, The Lazy Negro Strategy, The Practice of Slavery At Walmart/Sam's Club

Lucy And Dante Kissing In A Tree

Mandigo was eager to gossip about what happened between Lucy and Dante on the night before on Friday, August 3, 2018. It seems Lucy and Dante were in a shouting match because Lucy demanded Dante stay at work until all the ‘work’ was completed and Dante told Lucy in so many words, “Fuck you.” One of Mandigo’s wickedest ploy is pretending that he’s a really good guy. OK, he revealed that he stayed late to ‘help’ Lucy, but I know what really happened was that Mandigo received overtime pay for gossiping with Lucy. Mandigo is a full-time employee with benefits and his transfer from ‘Center Section’ to ‘Electronics’ was obviously approved. He’d already received his pat on the back for being a Bully/Slacker. The sky was the limit for him.

For the low, low wage of $11.50 per hour, the supervisors and/or managers at Walmart/Sam’s Club where I’d worked and when it came to my black ass, either didn’t know or willfully ignored that slavery was abolished in America in 1865.

The supervisors and/or managers at Walmart/Sam’s Club expected me to take on the tasks of four full-time employees as a part-time employee with no full-time benefits and no overtime pay. If that’s not slavery, what do you call it?

Dirty Little Secrets, The Lazy Negro Strategy, The Practice of Slavery At Walmart/Sam's Club

Mandigo Wore The Gossip Crown Proudly

On Tuesday, July 31, 2018, Mandigo had no qualms backstabbing Lucy again. Seems Lucy had been crying on Mandigo’s shoulders like she cried on Maryam’s shoulders. A bully tactic if I’d ever seen one. Yeah, Maryam told me what Lucy had said about me before she quit working at Sam’s Club. I wasn’t mad at Lucy, because she just confirmed what I’d already known, that Lucy was a bully/slacker. Except for this time, Mandigo was a bully and he’s bullying the bullies at Sam’s Club. Also, early on during Mandigo’s employment he and I disagreed that Lucy was a bully. In real time, it took me less than a second to realize that Lucy was being bullied by Mandigo. Sweet dreams are made of these.  😉

Mandigo is the new gossip grapevine at Sam’s Club. So when I told him about my book approximately two weeks ago, it was a calculated move on my part. I’d assumed he run and tell Lucy. I’m still waiting for a sign that Lucy knows about my book.

You can believe if Mandigo is still working at Sam’s Club after I voluntarily leave or I’m laid off, he will receive a copy of my book. Plan B! 😉

Dirty Little Secrets, The Lazy Negro Strategy, The Practice of Slavery At Walmart/Sam's Club

I Heart Compassion For Workplace Bullies

I’m going out of my way to help workplace bullies. Just like us, the workplace bullies I’d crossed paths with, know that Karma is a bitch! Oh, and by the way, they call me Ms. Karma. 😉 Those same bullies will think twice about bullying another black woman. Just sayin’! You can thank me by purchasing my book titled, ‘Dirty Little Secrets’ by Alexandra King. ‘Createspace.com.’

Publicly exposing workplace bullies is child’s play for me. Trust me this ain’t my first rodeo. Truth be told, I’m an expert at publicly exposing workplace bullies. However, writing, editing, and marketing your own books, make exposing workplace bullies look like an episode of Sesame Street. In other words, I’m having fun.

Just call Mandigo Mr. Karma. He’s a bully and he’s bullying the bullies at Sam’s Club where I’m currently working. He was also a gossip monger just like Lucy.  but there’s only room for one gossip monger at Sam’s Club. Mandigo was ruthless. Not only did he walk around the store spreading vicious gossip, he had no qualms backstabbing Lucy. I for one couldn’t be happier. It was/is a win, win for me.


Dirty Little Secrets, The Practice of Slavery At Walmart/Sam's Club

Mandigo Feels Sorry For Lucy

The audacity of Mandigo knows no limits. He’s the new grapevine for workplace gossip. Trust me, I love it! His dumb ass told me that Lucy’s chickens had come home to roost. The managers are blaming Lucy because the understaffed ‘Clothing’ area was making the entire store look bad.

Mandigo backstabbed Lucy, I’m backstabbing Mandigo and Lucy, and the world is a better place. Don’t you just love it?

Mandigo transferred to the Electronic Department, so in other words, he got a pat on the back for being a Slacker. I ain’t mad at Mandigo, he’s a bonafide Bully/Slacker and he’s bullying the bullies at Sam’s Club.

You’ll have to read my book titled, ‘Dirty Little Secrets’ by Alexandra King. An inside look at a public school’s facilities department. Misogyny on steroids. Slackers on steroids. Find out how I took those sniveling bitch ass cowards to the woodshed.

The photos in my book are dull and faded. I’d been posting them on this blog so you’ll see the real deal.


The photo on pg 84. Inside the girl’s locker shower stall
The photo on pg 85. I ain’t gonna lie, smearing poop on the walls inside the toilet stalls was disturbing.
Dirty Little Secrets, The Practice of Slavery At Walmart/Sam's Club

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Earning Over One Million Dollars

I got to meet some bonafide Bullies/Slackers masquerading as co-workers. You don’t have to believe this, but I’d no doubt that those Bullies/Slackers were probably exemplary employees at one time. I know this because it’s so tempting for me to become a Slacker. To this day, I make excuses to get out of Blogging or continuing with writing, editing, and marketing my first and second books. Writing, Editing, and Marketing your own books is challenging to the degree it makes working at Sam’s Club a walk in the park.

I took care of those Bullies/Slackers on my path, because the truth is, they all found out they’d messed with the wrong black bitch. I’m so proud of myself, I wrote a book about me. 😉

Purchase and read my first book titled ‘Dirty Little Secrets’ by Alexandra King. You’ll be glad you did!

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Dirty Little Secrets, The Practice of Slavery At Walmart/Sam's Club

I’m So Proud Of Me

Just call me a lean, mean, writing machine. Because I won’t allow a bully/slacker at some low wage yet high expectations job, make me a scapegoat because he/she don’t do their job. Y’all want to talk shit about me and document that shit. Well, know this, I love giving as good as I get.

I’m not advocating for anyone to behave like me. I’m just trying to sell you a story on how I stood up to some bullies/slackers. Better yet, in doing so I’d achieved the goals of writing for a living, being a ‘Grandma’ who works with passion and leaving the world a better place for my grandchildren. I owe that to them.

‘Dirty Little Secrets’ by Alexandra King was my firstborn. As with any firstborn, you’re on a learning curb. C’mon, I had no experiences in achieving writing and self-publishing my book. This ain’t my first rodeo in writing a complete book, but it’s my first rodeo in seeing my book in print. For me, that’s the benefits of martial arts. In other words, Discipline on steroids.

What those bullies/slackers on my path found out that they’d messed with the wrong black bitch.

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Dirty Little Secrets, The Practice of Slavery At Walmart/Sam's Club

The Practice Of Insanity At Walmart/Sam’s Club

I kid you not. On July 27, 2018, after I’d arrived to work at Sam’s Club, checked out a hand-held scanner/computer and read the ‘Notes’ under the ‘Center Section’ tab, was I convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was right to go over the Store Manager’s head and expose the practice of slavery tactics directly with the CEO of Sam’s Club.

Dem supervisors and/or managers at Sam’s Club done lost their freaking minds. They want us, hourly employees to clean the cement floors in our respective areas once a month. Oh, but it gets better because the only way this task is completed was during business hours. You know when Members like you are shopping.

First off, it looks like a construction zone with pallets, an industrial mop bucket, a commercial mop, and a huge dust broom all in the aisle blocking off Member’s access to that area. Second, it makes Members feel unwelcome, and third, it’s an accident waiting to happen. Oh, my bad, I didn’t tell you that cleaning the cement floors involved sweeping and mopping. Yeah, you read it right.

I got a glimpse of this task because the employees in the electronics department were hard at work cleaning the cement floors. It was more than enough proof that the supervisors and /or managers are so obsessed with micromanaging the employees willing to show up and work then putting their Member’s first. C’mon, that task should be performed during non-business hours. Anything less is asinine.