Dirty Little Secrets, The Practice of Slavery At Walmart/Sam's Club

Walmart/Scam’s Club

There’s a blessing being employed by Walmart/Scam’s Club. Because the supervisors and/or managers remind me that they don’t know, or willingly ignore that slavery in America was abolished back in 1865.

They’re determined to make part-time employees complete the tasks of four full-time employees. Their latest ploy is scheduling employees on the ‘Closing Shift’ to leave at 10pm. I’m waiting for them to schedule me to leave at 10pm because then I’ll have the proof of exposing their scam to the local news channels, Mayor Office, and the local newspaper. The Practice Of Slavery. Y’all know what I’m talkin’ about.

I’m just as determined to not become a slave, so now we’re even. The pen is mightier than the whip!

The Lazy Negro Strategy, The Practice of Slavery At Walmart/Sam's Club

It’s Not Just The Clothing Area

Those words came from the Manager named Brian. He’d been radioed by another manager about possible opened positions within the ‘Center Section.’ Brian’s first response was, “Yes, there’s a full-time and a part-time position.” A moment passed then Brian lamented, “Tell whoever that it’s not just the clothing area, it’s the entire ‘Center Section.’ OK, that was a snarky bully tactic and I’ll tell you why. Because I work within the boundaries of the clothing area and I rarely venture outside those boundaries. I don’t give a fuck about the entire ‘Center Section.’ If Brian has a problem with me working primarily within the clothing area, he should fire me instead of sulking behind a communication radio taking cheap shots at me.

At the Walmart/Sam’s Club where I work the supervisors and/or managers can’t give up their practice of slavery. Oh well, more stupid shit to blog about. I ain’t mad at Brian.

Instead of staffing the ‘Center Section’ appropriately, a minimum of four full-time employees at all times earning a livable wage, no, the expectations are for the low, low hourly wage of $11.50, a part-time employee should complete the tasks of four full-time employees. I can only speak for myself, but that’s what I call, ‘The Practice Of Slavery At Walmart/Sam’s Club.’ 

Dirty Little Secrets, The Lazy Negro Strategy, The Practice of Slavery At Walmart/Sam's Club

Fifty Shades Of Deceit At Walmart/Sam’s Club

Prior to the current ‘Center Section’ employee scheduled at the Walmart/Sam’s Club where I’m currently working, the ‘Closing Shift’ ended no later than 9:30pm. Keep in mind that the store closes at 8:30pm. Now the ‘Closing Shift’ ends at 10:00pm. The supervisors and/or managers already knew that the ‘Closing Shift’ was a pain in the ass and one of the main reasons employees in the ‘Center Section’ abruptly quit. Instead of making it less painful, they’d increased the toxicity by scheduling employees to work until 10:00pm. Young, energetic, and partying adults ain’t gonna put up with that bullshit, so guess what that means, this new bunch of employees will either quit and transfer out of ‘Center Section.’ It’s like they’re [Supervisors and/or Managers] creating the most unfavorable work environments on purpose.

In the upcoming weeks, I’ll really get a feel of how much damage this new fucked-up strategy will leave in its wake. Seriously folks, the behavior of the supervisors and/or managers at Walmart/Sam’s Club where I’m currently working is the epitome of ineptitude. Guess what? KARMA is a bitch because Mandigo is the King of Deceit and he’s bullying the bullies at Walmart/Sam’s Club. Does it get any better than this?

The Lazy Negro Strategy, The Practice of Slavery At Walmart/Sam's Club

The Practice Of Slavery Is Alive and Doing Well At Walmart/Sam’s Club

C’mon, you can’t tell me that in America and especially in retail that the practice of slavery is not the new normal. But, and here’s the best part, ‘Don’t Take No Shit, Document.’

On Sunday, June 10, 2018, I was scheduled to work an eight-hour shift in the ‘Center Section’ at Sam’s Club. Yeah, I’m a part-time employee, just keep that in mind, OK. This particular department is the length and width of a professional basketball court. It has four areas, i.e., Seasonal, Clothing, Housewares, and Snacks. When I tell you that for eight straight hours I’d struggled to keep the clothing area organized, believe me.

My shift began at 10:45am and at approximately 4:30pm the clothing area was a disaster.

Oh, and by the way, I was the only employee scheduled in the ‘Center Section.’ However, a sniveling bully manager name Monica decided it was a good idea to reprimand me on June 16, 2018, for not completing all the tasks in the ‘Center Section’ on June 10, 2018, that would have taken four full-time employees to accomplish.

Suffice it to say, I ain’t mad at Monica, what she did was so predictable. It was definitely a bullying tactic.

Stay tuned!

Dirty Little Secrets, The Practice of Slavery At Walmart/Sam's Club

Those Bullies Don’t Scare Me

I give as good as I get:

From: Sandra Partridge<sagapartridge@gmail.com>
Date: Sat, Jul 7, 2018 at 7:41 AM
Subject: The Practice of Slavery At Sam’s Club
To: Amber.Miller@denvergov.org, washingtonbureau@naacpnet.org, tips@denverpost.com, tips@thedenverchannel.com, newstips@cbs4denver.com, doug.mcmillon@wal-mart.com

For me quitting is not an option. I’m a 61 year old Black female and I’d seen my share of bullies in the workplace and they don’t scare me. The Sam’s Club where I’m currently working in Denver Colorado can’t keep employees because of the bullying and intimidation tactics practiced by the supervisors and/or managers towards their employees. Fortunately for me, I’m immune from the bullying and intimidation tactics so prevalent in today’s work environments especially in retail. I’d also worked at Macy’s.

For the low, low wage of $11.50 per hour the bullies masquerading as supervisors and managers expect me (a part-time employee) to be responsible for accomplishing the tasks of at least four (4) full-time employees per shift.
I’m convinced that the supervisors and/or managers at the Sam’s Club where I work don’t know that slavery was abolished back in 1865.
Happy Abundance Day, The Practice of Slavery At Walmart/Sam's Club

Don’t Blame Me

Because your turnover rate is astronomical. Hiring new employees isn’t the problem, bullying employees is the problem, but more than one employer I’d crossed paths with, blamed me for their sins. Seriously, and trust me, I wasn’t the only one, they did it to every employee. So, y’all know I didn’t take their bullying personally.

C’mon, there’s another unspoken rule in low wage jobs and that’s ‘Scapegoating is the new normal.’ Monica a Manager at Sam’s Club where I’m currently receiving a degree in writing, decided it was a good idea to blame me for not taking on the responsibilities of four (4) full-time employees. The best part, my hourly wage is $11.50. Yeah, you do the math. That shit is funny.

A $20 Federal minimum wage law is an idea whose time had come. Diamond Rock Your Vote. Remember your vote is a suitcase of jewels. Don’t believe me, then why are Republicans doing everything in their power to steal it? Steal it for what? Because the Republican’s only agenda is helping a few Billionaires accumulate more wealth. I rest my case! 😉


Dirty Little Secrets, Happy Abundance Day, The Lazy Negro Strategy, The Practice of Slavery At Walmart/Sam's Club

I’m No Betta

I’m no less than the Executives at Sam’s Club, DPS, and Macy’s. We’re alike in many ways, but one difference is, ‘I think it’s a compliment that ya believe I can do the work of four full-time employees while earning a low wage and working in a toxic environment full of bullies.’ You’re partially right because I’ll work like a ‘slave’ for my aspirations. Yeah, you heard me, except I prefer calling what I’m doing, ‘Hustling.’ Y’all know what I’m talking about. What I will do is continue being the Writer, Editor, and Marketer of my own book. What I won’t do is be harassed, intimidated, and/or bullied into becoming a slave under no circumstance especially for $11.50 or $8.50 or 12.50 per hour by bullies masquerading as Supervisors and/or Managers.  Know this, your bullying tactics are stale, dull, repetitive, and my favorite, hysterically funny.  Oh, and by the way, making me the scapegoat (The Lazy Negro Strategy) is also futile. I know, I know, bad habits are hard to break, but maybe, just maybe, the first step of breaking your bad habits of bullying employees starts with purchasing my book, ‘Dirty Little Secrets’ By Alexandra King, from ‘Createspace.com’ or from Amazon books.

Yeah, I do pay attention to the small details. Suffice it to say, a $20 Federal minimum wage law is an idea whose time had come!